terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

.:A New Update:.

Hello all of you who have followed me so faithfully. 

I know isn't right been so long away, but real life isn't always right, and we have to do what we have to do.
I will not abandon the bloging, when i come back to second life it will be to blog, that's for sure.
But for now i need to my real life get on the right wheels and be happy.
I really hope your all enjoying life in second life and most important the real one. Because when it ends, theres no second life to play with..
Hope to blog for you again soon...
Till then, thank you for the creators that didn't kick me out from their group of blogers and the other bloggers groups also. I receive humbly your kindness and i'm not getting any of your products, only when i restart the bloging i'll do it. till then theres no way.
Thank you so much for all and i hope to see you all very soon.


sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014


Hello my sweet Dolls,

no i did not abandon you.
Due to my RL i have not been able to enter on second life to work for you.
You know that sometimes RL turns impossible for that to happen, but i'm sure that it won't take that long so you can have more mews from me, and that time will be new posts.
I really miss you all, and i must thank the creators for have been so patient and understanding, and to you guys who really have been waiting for news.
Sorry i didn't wrote before, just got this opportunity now to do it.
There's a thing though i wanted to talk about. You all know that now you can play in a Beta version the sl on your Androids? Yes you can and the graphics are so great, and you don't have to preoccupy with the them. Though there still 2 negative points, 1st of all it's payed, it costs 3$/h, and just because of that i doubt that they will have much people on it, because everyone is complaining, and 2nd they didn't created a iOS version, c'mon guys... like we have iphones and ipads because they sync with each other and you only release for Androids? 
Oh well, it's like wait to see whats going to happen, so i will leave you the link to the site so you can make your own evaluation.

SL for Tablets and Phones Androids only

terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

.:Moon Inc:.

Dear Doll's,

 this is my last post of today, and it's about .:Moon Inc:., yes!!!
What's new? Well as you can see in the 1st picture you have that gorgeous blouse with a open bad, a lace in the leg for phat azz or regular, and this amazing boots, and what's the best on the boots? Not only they are beautiful but also they fit so well with our adz's.
On the 2nd picture, well you have that outfit in much more colors, that smells like spring and it's very elegant.

(M) Mystery

Hi Sweeties,

 You see that sexy hot panty that i'm wearing? Well it's from (M) Mystery and its in promo for only 10L$! Yes it's amazing, it's a promo from valentines day, but who cares? Valentines day is everyday right?! So go get yours now, and don't forget that you have the 2 versions, the phat azz and the regular one.

Loordes of London - With Love Fair

Hi Doll's,

 With Love fair is on, and Loordes of London are in!
They have this 2 coats, shirt and jeans on your disposal. best part? Well they all come in many more colors!
So get there and go get yours!

Loorder of London - Fi*Five

Hello Dolls,

 for the Fi*Five, Loordes of London as dispose this coat for you, there is in more colors, but i cannot deny, this is the one i love most till now.
And as you can see it's very elegant.
So you know what to do, taxi is below, click and buy them all!

terça-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2014

Loordes of London - The Style Icon Fair

Hi Dolls,

 as you know - The Style Icon Fair - is on, and Loordes of London as well.
As you can see i have change dresses in the 3 pictures, however the little bag and the stunning earrings are there in all 3 of them.
You cannot just not fall in love for this items. They are really amazing, like you my dear Dolls, so click on the limo and let yourself's be Stylish by lords of London.