domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

Loordes of London - Cosmopolitan Sales Room - Stuff in Stock - The Outlet

Good Morning Dear Dolls,

Today i'll start with the well known - Loordes of London -
Fortunately for all of us we can acquire their clothes, shoes, and accessories in lots of places. With great effort, they manage to satisfy us all, their clients, witch means also a reduce on the price. Shhhh
This beautiful Blazer will be sold on the - Cosmopolitan Sales Room - you will find 5 gorgeous colors with HD quality of texture, The Boots you'll find them at Stuff in Stock in 6 colors all matching the blazers, and the purse (it's a new item) you'll find it at - The Outlet- with 6 different colors.
The best is that all this items match with themselves, so if i were you i'll take the cabs and grab mines. But don't forget that - Stuff in Stock - will be available on 29th.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Stuff in Stock

The Outlet

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