sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013

This Afternoon...

"In this Spring Afternoon, after a long walk, i looked to the floor and think to myself why am i walking, how did i arrive here.... When i looked up i realized that i was near your home, my legs brought me here because my heart somehow missed you. After all you'r my best friend... Then i saw you by the window and i went down so you couldn't notice i was there. It would be weird, you'll feel surely bizarre with my presence, and that could change things between us, so no... i don't want to loose you. Rather stay your friend forever then try something that i already know it wouldn't work,,, because.... because you don't love me."
Hi Dolls!!
I hope my text entertain you as much it was for me writhing it. And the photos i'm sure you'll love them.

Skin: :::unBra::: Skin -Miranova- redux D

Hair: >TRUTH< Sonya -  black & whites

Eyes: -SU!- Cold Eyes Olive *Wear Me*

Top: [Cynful] Shirt - Joey ~ Black (wear me)

Shorts: [Cynful] Zia Denim Short - Mesh ~ I <3 SL Fashion (wear me)

Socks: Mstyle Ears Tights - Black


Shoes: [whatever] high heel - blush [GROUPGIFT]

Necklace: *** Just You Jewels *** TVDH Valentine Box

Earings: LaGyo_Crudelia earrings

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